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  I'm not a machinist, I'm a guy who fools with machine tools. Steam engines interest me -- not locomotives, but stationary and marine engines powered by steam. On this site are pictures of my recently-completed engine and some of the tools I made during its construction.

All of the pictures are available as thumbnails or larger sized. Click on the little one to see the bigger one. Most of them are about 35k, so load times shouldn't be too bad.

There are also a couple of short movies of my engine, built but unpainted, running on compressed air. They're in MPG format.

Steam Engine This is a small horizontal stationary engine, a Tiny Power 110. It's a two-cylinder engine that's good for about one horsepower.
Tools These are some tools I've built along the way -- rotary table, grinding spindle, a couple of other whatnots.
Shaper I've had a lot of fun with my 8" Logan shaper. I know there are good reasons for using a mill instead, in most applications; but that presumes that one's mill is any good. Mine isn't, so I use the shaper when I can.

Here are three shaper-related picture collections, with explanations.